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Review: Beautiful and Haunting, ‘Melancholia’ is a Masterpiece

Of all of the “controversial” Directors out there, I have the least experience with Lars Von Trier.  His movies have more or less always been the wrong kind of controversial for my tastes.  As much as I love dark subject matter, gore, violence, and a profound story, I draw the line when it comes to having to […]

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Nostalgia vs. Objectivity – Why I don’t think Star Wars is all that good

I am a child of the 90s, and thus apart from Saturday morning cartoons and early video game consoles, I really don’t have anything worth getting nostalgic over.  As I become increasingly ingratiated into the realm of internet film criticism, I learn more and more of the at times insidious role nostalgia can play in […]

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‘The Avengers’ Finally Gets a Trailer

So I’m not sure if you’re aware, you probably aren’t, the film is pretty obscure after all, but this little guy named Joss Whedon is making an Avengers movie.  The shoot is close to wrapping (if it hasn’t already) and Marvel / Disney has finally deemed it time to let the world get a good […]

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