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“Juan of the Dead” (2011)

Since the days of George A. Romero zombies have more or less always been easy metaphorical vehicles that allow directors to get their message across while having a bit of fun and splashing the screen with some blood.  In Cuban director Alejandro Brugues sophomore effort Juan of the Dead (after Personal Belongings in 2006), the […]

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Review: Breaking Bad – Thirty-Eight Snub

    Breaking Bad is heralded by some as being the best drama to ever grace television screens.  With record setting Emmy wins by Brian Cranston, and some of the highest critical reviews in existence the show’s praisers may be on to something.   For the uninitiated, Breaking Bad falls the chaotic downfall of Science Professor turned […]

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First Batch of Harry Potter Reviews Release – Things Are Looking Good

The first 10 reviews for the much anticipated second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have just released, and so far they’ve been nothing but favourable.  It seems that most critics so far agree upon a couple of things: Much like the previous films, viewers will need to have knowledge of the films […]

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