Short Film Monday: “The Glitch”

Why Watch?: Think of Joe Fordham’s 12 minute short “The Glitch” as a B episode of Community.  It functions as a clever deconstruction of action film paradigms.  A man struggles ...

In Contention Part 1: Best Supporting Actor 2012

It’s mid October, and as the rest of the world goes outside to enjoy the cool fall weather, us movie nerds stay in and scour over the films of past, ...

Review: Beautiful and Haunting, ‘Melancholia’ is a Masterpiece

Of all of the “controversial” Directors out there, I have the least experience with Lars Von Trier.  His movies have more or less always been the wrong kind of controversial for my ...

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Lots of Avengers News; None Of It Entirely Exciting or Likely To Happen

New York Comic Con went down last weekend, and one of the major films in attendance was Marvel’s Avengers.  When not giggling like school girls over the presence of Tim Hiddleston, the Avengers Q&A attendees were bombarding Marvel President Kevin Fiege with questions regarding the most-Avengers future of Marvel films.  Among his answers to those questions included: […]

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Nostalgia vs. Objectivity – Why I don’t think Star Wars is all that good

I am a child of the 90s, and thus apart from Saturday morning cartoons and early video game consoles, I really don’t have anything worth getting nostalgic over.  As I become increasingly ingratiated into the realm of internet film criticism, I learn more and more of the at times insidious role nostalgia can play in […]

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Universal Comes To Their Senses and Drops Tower Heist VOD Plans

Last week Universal studios announced their plans to make available to the upcoming Bret Rattner film Tower Heist through VOD for $59.99 USD three weeks after the film premiered in theaters.  Unsurprisingly, theater chains were pissed.  Cinemark, the U.S.’s third-largest theater chain, quickly announced that it would not be showing Tower Heist in any of its 3,800 theaters, […]

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The Final Moments of Breaking Bad’s Finale Explained

Needless to say, if you have yet to watch the finale episode of the latest season of Breaking Bad, don’t read this post or watch the video contained within it.  If you weren’t even aware of the existence of something called Breaking Bad, remedy that immediately.  It’s available on Netflix Watch Instantly, you have no […]

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‘The Avengers’ Finally Gets a Trailer

So I’m not sure if you’re aware, you probably aren’t, the film is pretty obscure after all, but this little guy named Joss Whedon is making an Avengers movie.  The shoot is close to wrapping (if it hasn’t already) and Marvel / Disney has finally deemed it time to let the world get a good […]

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Don’t Beware “The Ides of March” (2011)

Being a Canadian, I’m endlessly fascinated by the American Political system.  You guys have it all: controversy; intrigue; interesting (usually in more ways than one) political candidates.  For me, watching American politics is often like bearing witness to a well-written “reality” television show.  The characters are believable enough as human beings to suspend your disbelief, but […]

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Stupidest Woman Alive Sues The Distributors of “Drive” Because the Film Wasn’t The Fast and Furious

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article trying to understand the disconect between the film Drive’s audience and the large amount of critics who’ve praised it.  Essentially it boils down to marketting.  The actual film is quite subdued and artistic, moving from relative calm in the first two act into all out headstomping […]

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“Real Steel” is as cold and heartless as the metal from which it’s name derives (2011)

Being a relatively large sci-fi nerd, going into Real Steel I had a number of questions.  “Why is it that a civilization would have the technology to create complex and sophisticated robots and use them only for boxing matches?”  “Are the robots sentient?  Are they aware that the hundreds of humans who scream at them […]

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Messed Up Movie Month: Mini Review – Dogtooth (2010)

I think the world would be a much better place if everyone were raised by my parents.  I don’t know if I’m the first person to ever make this bold proclamation, but it rings true nonetheless.  I don’t say this because I think my parents are in any way perfect — at least not in […]

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“Messed Up Movie Month” Review: The Loved Ones (2009)

There’s something to be said about a film’s ability to escalate.  Recently we got a great example of how tastefully done escalation can work to enhance a film in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.  The film started off subdued and quiet, but tension slowly built until the film reached its bloody and violent third act.  This […]

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