The about page is something I’ve been putting off doing for some time now.  Not because I’m lazy and procrastinate when it comes to writing, I just don’t really know what to say.  I, like you, enjoy watching films.  Also possibly like you, I enjoy writing.  One day, while pondering these two interests I had an epiphany.  “I’ll start a movie blog” I exclaimed, jumping in the air and quickly rushing over to my computer to begin.  The rest, my friends, isn’t history.

Part of the reason I’ve now decided to write this about page is because I’m trying to get things a bit more organized around here.  For the most part I’ve just been posting things willy nilly.  Being the at-times obsessive compulsive person that I am, that shit just doesn’t fly.  Thus, you now have a brief glimpse into my psyche.  Furthermore, as part of my attempt to bring some organization to this site, I’ve decided to format my week of movie blogging as follows:

Short Film Mondays

It’s Monday, and I, like you, am still feeling the after-effects of a weekend filled with crazy, balls to the walls partying (not really).  So on Mondays I’ll be putting my reduced capacity to intelligently criticize films to the test, and will be reviewing a short.

“I’ve Always Wanted To See That” Tuesdays

I’ve seen a lot of movies, but not nearly enough to conclusively say that I’m happy with the amount of movies I’ve seen.  There exists a rather large list of movies that I’ve always meant to see, but for one reason or another have never gotten to.  Thus, on Tuesdays I’ll be picking a film from the list, and reviewing it.

Reel-Indie Wednesday

One of the best parts of seeing films at a festival, in my opinion, is that it’s one of the only times where a film news savvy person such as my self can go into a movie completely blind.  It’s almost impossible to watch a film these days without first hearing someone else’s opinion of it.  Another area where this is possible, is indie film.  Because I love that experience, and think there’s a real wealth of great independent movies, on Wednesdays I’ll be reviewing one of them.

Netflix Pick of the Week Thursdays

Netflix is awesome.  It may just be one of the most awesome things to ever happen to home movie distribution.  But because Netflix is so awesome, it often becomes difficult to know just where to start with all of the awesomeness.  So on Thursdays, I’ll be doing the heavy lifting for you and will offer you a weekly Netflix recommendation.

New Release Friday – Sunday

Over the course of the weekend I generally spend the majority of my time, in, or travelling to movie theaters.  (When not going nuts partying of course).  Thus, I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend free-time reviewing the newly released films I managed to catch over the course of the weekend.


Interspersed with this schedule I’ll try my hardest to post any bit of interesting film news I come across over the course of the week.  Writing about film news is generally pretty dull and pointless, but every once in a while there comes a story that provides a pretty good topic of discussion.




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