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This Week in WTF: The “Battleship” Trailer

Remember all the aliens involved in those frustrating games of Battleship you played as a kid?  You don’t?  Well Peter Berg lets us know that he certainly does with the first trailer for his upcoming board-game-now-with-more-aliens film Battleship. You can watch the trailer over at Yahoo Movies.         Call me crazy, but I […]

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This Week in “What has happened to Robert De Niro’s Career” – “New Year’s Eve”

Backtracked by an uplifting, radio-friendly bubblegum pop song?  Check. Featuring a cast made up entirely of once A list actors who are now desperately clutching to their dwindling stardom?  Check. Cheery, happy-go-lucky premise where everything works out in the end and nothing ever goes terribly wrong?  Check. Looks like we’ve finally found this year’s shitty ensemble Rom […]

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