Short Film Monday: “The Glitch”

Why Watch?: Think of Joe Fordham’s 12 minute short “The Glitch” as a B episode of Community.  It functions as a clever deconstruction of action film paradigms.  A man struggles with sleep one night, willing away the time watching all of the horrible programming available when no one else is awake to watch it, when he’s confronted with a bit of a problem.  Some hallucinations, a clone chase, and a big cheesy action film-style crash later and you have The Glitch

Credits: Written and Directed by Joe Fordham, Starring: Scott Charles, Elizabeth Newman, Scott Gerard, and Therese McLaughlin

Watch The Glitch below via Vimeo:


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Author:Ryan Crockett

Super-geek and cinephile, artist and writer, Ryan Crockett knows way too much about the French Revolution.


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One Comment on “Short Film Monday: “The Glitch””

  1. Anonymous
    October 26, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    Thanks the plug, Ryan. Glad you enjoyed Harry’s postmodern metrosexual dilemma.

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