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“Juan of the Dead” (2011)

Since the days of George A. Romero zombies have more or less always been easy metaphorical vehicles that allow directors to get their message across while having a bit of fun and splashing the screen with some blood.  In Cuban director Alejandro Brugues sophomore effort Juan of the Dead (after Personal Belongings in 2006), the […]

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“Anonymous” (2011)

Anonymous is a film that’s rather hard to get excited about.  Its premise is only relatable to people familiar with Shakespeare’s work and the era of time in which it was written, it has zero big names in the cast list, and it’s by Roland Emmerich, who is a profitable director in his own right but not […]

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“Twixt” (2011)

This film is hard to review.  Not because it’s a deeply layered and profound film that requires days, maybe months of introspection and further reflection to further comprehend.  Francis Ford Coppola‘s Twixt is a hard film to review because everything about it sucks.  I personally believe that every film, no matter how bad has at […]

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