The Final Moments of Breaking Bad’s Finale Explained

Needless to say, if you have yet to watch the finale episode of the latest season of Breaking Bad, don’t read this post or watch the video contained within it.  If you weren’t even aware of the existence of something called Breaking Bad, remedy that immediately.  It’s available on Netflix Watch Instantly, you have no excuse.

For those who have seen the ending of the latest episode “Face Off”, a bit of confusion would be perfectly understandable.  I think the implications of the final shot are clear, but the events leading to it…not so much.  But, being the ubequitous purveyor of awesomeness, the Internet has once again come to our rescue.  YouTube user jcham979 has broken down, quite intelligently, the sequence of events that led to that final, awesome revelation of this season.  Watch the video below:


I think all of his points ring true.  The exact sequence of events will probably be explained in a couple of days through the awesome season recap the AV club is doing with Breaking bad’s creator, Vince Gilligan.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if jcham’s speculations were right on the money, as they do seem entirely probable.


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